Michaël Aklin

Associate Professor of Political Science

University of Pittsburgh

I am Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh, with a secondary appointment in Public Policy at GSPIA. I am also director of energy access research at the Initiative for Sustainable Energy Policy (ISEP).

My work focuses on international and comparative political economy. I am particularly interested in understanding why some countries are able to reduce their vulnerability to major risks such as financial crises or environmental catastrophes.

My first book is Renewables: The Politics of a Global Energy Transition (MIT Press) and can be obtained here. The second one (Escaping the Energy Poverty Trap) is available here. My papers have appeared in outlets such as the American Journal of Political Science, Nature Energy, and Science Advances. I also have written articles for several news outlets (Washington Post’s Monkey Cage, The Print, or Le Temps).

I can be reached at aklin@pitt.edu. My CV is here.